Hesta Home (Acquired 2016)

Real-estate sidekick app, 2014
Role: Research & UX

Hesta Home connect real estate brokers with their clients, and makes their jobs easier. Hesta Home learns the prospect’s preferences, and by connecting to the MLS database, provides an intuitive “card based” selection of properties they can review and request a showing. The options are sent to the agent and with a few taps, can create an intricate itinerary that accounts for schedules of 4 parties, distance from the venue and efficient routes.

I was hired by Hesta Home (originally “Realster”) to research and interview their users (agents), and create a details specification of app requirements.

Hesta Home was acquired by RealScout (Late 2016)



  • Created an interview process for Hesta Home’s design partner (a real estate firm). The process included an hour long interviews, both 1:1 and in groups, looked at their day to day workflows, the clientele of each agent, and synthesized all of the data for analysis by leadership.
  • Identified 3 personas and tailored possible workflows and requirements for each of them. We found out, for example, that we need a desktop app for the assistant, that caters to multiple agents at once.
  • Created UX and wireframes for the 3 apps (over 200 screens), and possible solutions for various requirements (e.g. multiple types of “create a showing” flow)
  • Assisted leadership in selecting features for the MVP

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