Internet of things - garage door opener, 2015
Role: Product & UX

Omgate activates Doors, Gates or any number of different devices, with the press of a button on your phone. I was lucky to be a part of this interesting project, which included a hardware component that prompted us to create a unique onboarding system (assisting the user in installing the hardware device) and solving edge cases for multiple locations and multi-user management.


  • Created a unique element that became the key UX of the product – a large talking button (nicknamed “Ombutt”) that explains what is happening.
  • Create wireframes and mockups for 2 apps – the client mobile app and an admin wbeapp for technicians who setup and remotely manage Omgate devices
  • Generated content for the full on-boarding flow, that includes a hardware component (installing the Omgate device into the gate). The process included a packaging experience, wizard-based instruction booklet, and in-app onboarding flow with the talking button that walks user through various scenarios and takes under account the unique restrictions of the device.

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