Mass messaging platform, 2017-2018
Role: Product Lead

Regroup is a mass communication technology company and offers innovative solutions communicate faster and effectively. Using Regroup, organizations can communicate effectively with their thousands of employees/recipients.

My Role

  • Planned a UX re-write of the platform, over 70 features for messaging, groups, contact management, advanced IPAWS messaging, integrations and permissions
  • Designed multiple UI components that dramatically cut number of clicks by over 80%
  • Migrated Regroup product to Material design framework
  • Produced detailed requirements and assets for developers, resulting in a quick development cycle
  • Iterated with key stakeholders multiple variants of components, allowing scaling to future roadmap plans
  • Designed external components for Academies websites, to help onboard their students to the mass messaging platform
  • Designed multiple messaging components, allowing users to geo-fence their message blast and provide real-time translations and accessibility (TTS)
  • Designed Messaging component allowing tracking of replies on a massive scale (thousands of recipients can reply to the admin’s single message blast)

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