“Rent anything” as a platform, 2017
Role: Product Lead

Drones, Electronic skateboards, Kayaks, Golf clubs, Tennis, Ski and snowboard and more – these are expensive items you would normally need only a few times a year and might end up collecting dust in your closet.

Zent enables you to rent these items instead of buying them. Under the moniker “Own Less. Live more.”, Zent saves you space and costs, and provides the convenience of the on-demand economy – items are delivered to your ski resort or your event venue, so its all ready when you arrive. Send it back when you’re done with the pre-paid shipping package included.



  • Planned and executed the complete user workflow for Zent e-commerce – from exposure to selection, and managing deliveries and returns of items
  • Tested multiple directions for the purchase funnel (which requires choosing locations and dates in advance), and optimized the purchase funnel to increase conversion by over 22%
  • Fully fleshed out over 15 features and capabilities from storyboarding, to wireframes and UX, and specifications

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