One-tap Gif maker, 2013-2015
Role: Founder

Gifnic is a one-click Gif camera app designed in the era before “live photos”. Its purpose was to allow anyone to capture a full second of their lives instead of a static image.

Throughout the design process, we found a fast and intuitive way to capture intricate gifs with a single button. When compared to other Gif apps at the time which were complicated ‘video editors’, this method removed the friction of shooting gifs and videos, making it extremely easy to use. Gifnic started as a side project and later turned into a startup.

Gifnic on iTunes


  • Created a unique one/continuous click camera interface for fast, intuitive gif-shooting
  • Hired 2 developers
  • Created and prioritized a roadmap for the iOS app, including deployment to over 12 countries, leading to a booming increase in downloads to over 250K within 8 months.
  • Added multiple improvements to the app, such as MEME editor and filters, gradually increasing our DAU to 16K, ~2.8M Gifs shared, Over 50M Gifs created with the app and profitable (in-app purchases)
  • Tested multiple monetization directions including ads and in-app purchases, leading to a successful strategy and becoming profitable within 18 months.
  • Tracked all improvements and analytical data of the app, creating KPIs that we shattered within 1 year

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