(Acquired 2019)

Feature flag SDK for mobile, 2014-2015
Role: Product Lead

Rollout’s SDK enables mobile developers to instantly push code level changes to live apps without the need to release a new version through the app store or wait for end users to update their app, shortening the entire development cycle.

The ability to push fixes and contain bugs in real time minimizes and prevents negative user experience, bad app store reviews, app uninstalls and lost revenue. Rollout’s SDK does not require modifying existing app code, has no performance penalty and installs in minutes.

Acquired by Cloudbees (May 2019)


  • Conducted on-site user interviews that fine-tuned product vision, resulting in a fully working PoC and a MM funding round within 2 months
  • Optimized the on-boarding flow (which includes an SDK installation) to increase conversion by over 35%
  • Fully fleshed out over 35 features and capabilities from storyboarding, to wireframes and UX, and specifications. Fetures included: hot-patch management, remote in-app code search, hot-patch editor, hot-patch deployement for gradual release, permissions manager, and more.

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