Wiser (Acquired 2016)

E-commerce suite, 2012-2016
Role: Head of Product

Wiser automates pricing and inventory forecasting for online retailers.
Using WisePricer, our flagship product, online retailers could change their product pricing dynamically and based on customizable rules such as “keep me $1 below competitor X”.
With WiseMapper, brands can track the MAP (pricing) of their products, ensuing brand stability. With WiseMatch, online retailers can enrich their products automatically.
I was employee number 2 at the company, and helped it grow to 70 employees across 3 countries, up until it was acquired in 2016.



  • Led a team of 10 for the 3rd iteration of the Wiser product suite. Notable improvements: a scalable and actionable insight system that increased engagement by over 32%; optimized major flows to reduce clicks by 75%
  • Planned and designed WiseMatch & WiseMapper (product enrichment) and WiseMapper (MAP enforcement tool), increasing company revenue by 15%
  • Designed and implemented the “Wiser Glance Bar” – a customizable and actionable analytics hot bar, becoming the #1 most used feature with 90% engagement in every session
  • 2012: Led the planning and design for WisePricer, Wiser’s flagship product. Notable launch feature: touch-less sync with retailers’ cart solutions – dramatically lowering the on-boarding time from 12-14 minutes to <2 minutes

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