I am a Product Designer and Entrepreneur with 8+ years of experience, focused on delivering exceptional user experiences via user-centric design, data and collaboration.

Projects + Work Experience

Webdam (Acquired 2018)

Asset management platform, 2016-Current
Role: Product Lead

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One-tap Gif maker, 2013-2015
Role: Founder

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“Rent anything” as a platform, 2017
Role: Product Lead

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Wiser (Acquired 2016)

E-commerce suite, 2012-2016
Role: Head of Product

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Hesta Home (Acquired 2016)

Real-estate sidekick app, 2014
Role: Research & UX

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Internet of things - garage door opener, 2015
Role: Product & UX

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Dynamic Yield

A/B Optimization pltform, 2017
Role: Product UX

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Mass messaging platform, 2017-2018
Role: Product Lead

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Elevator Fund

Startup accelerator program, 2012-2014
Role: Product Mentor

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Feature flag SDK for mobile, 2014-2015
Role: Product Lead

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